Tips For Cleaning Glass

Tips For Cleaning Glass


1.Use the right towels. Cotton towels are a big no-no for a car’s exterior because they produce so much friction when in contact with the paint. Friction leaves scratches, and cotton is not absorbent enough to remove water. If water is left behind, dust and dirt will settle into the moisture and leave spots on the surface. A good quality microfiber towel without seams absorbs the most water with as little friction as possible. 

2.Invest in high quality glass cleaner. Take a careful look at the formula of the glass cleaner you use, and make sure it is not watered down or full of harsh chemicals. 

3.Use 2-3 towels for one car. A different towel for each purpose. For example, don’t clean your windows with the same towel you used to dry the panels of your car. Your glass will be cleanest and clearest when you have used a fresh towel designated specifically for your glass. 

4.Wipe in different directions to identify streaking. 

5.Use a flashlight, or sunlight to check your work. If you are in a garage with low lighting, your eyes may be tricked into thinking your glass is cleaner than it really is. A flashlight will bring out any flaws you may have missed. Also, bringing the car into natural sunlight (where cars often spend the most time) will give you a realistic picture of whatever streaks or flaws you may have missed. 

Written by Taylor Meehan