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ESRprecision Fine Auto Detailing

Here at ESRprecision Fine Auto Detailing, our mission is to be the finest auto detailing company in Volusia and the surrounding areas. We know that your vehicle is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime, and we want nothing more than to keep your investment looking great on the road. Whether you own a daily driver, a trailer queen, or a high performance exotic car, we’re the place to come to for coating, polishing, paint correction or a simple detail.We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service because we genuinely care about your vehicle and your experience. Our first-time customers continually become our regular customers, choosing us for all their detailing needs.

Our Approach

Our History

ESRprecision Fine Auto Detailing 

Was founded with the mission of providing an exceptional standard of detailing for people who desire the best quality appearance of their vehicle. The founder, Brandon Meehan, began his career in automotive high-end collision repair industry for BMW of North America. While working with BMW, he has also gained extensive knowledge and experience with body work and paint correction through working with Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari and Lamborghini. It was during his time working with these automotive companies that he noticed the improper and poor methods of detailing and paint evaluation carried out by these companies who promised high quality standards. Customers brought in their vehicles that were dull with scratches,swirls and halos as a result of companies performing improper detailing due to poor maintenance education.

Through extensive research and testing different methods with the use of advanced products, he developed processes of detailing and paint correction that brought out the desired depth and clarity to a vehicle's paint work, bringing out the desired showroom appearance. his work ethic is all about quality over quantity. Customers were not only satisfied with their vehicle's appearance, but he also took the time to educate his customers on his methods so that they understood what caused the damage, how he corrected it and how they could maintain that look long term. 

ESRprecision Fine Auto Detailing works with passion and precision in the pursuit of perfection. If you seek to give your vehicle a restorative level of detailing, ESRprecision will provide you the necessary services to meet your goals and equip you with the right knowledge to maintain that showroom look. 

Our Philosophy

The attitude called precision is the quality that remarks the accuracy of your demand. Never settle for the less; Go for the exact thing!” -Israelmore Aviyor, inspirational author.

ESRprecision Fine Auto Detailing was founded on the basis of understanding a client's needs for their vehicle and delivering exactly what they needed without asking for too much in return. We only wish to have customers return out of a mutual foundation of friendship and community, not to repeatedly fix the same problem over and over again. Our services yield results with long-term sustainability. We also seek to equip our clients with the right knowledge and abilities to maintain their vehicle's appearance at home. We do this out of respect for our client's desire to care for their own vehicle.

The amount of investment put into something determines how much that something is valued. A vehicle, like a house or a business, is a part of someone. It is something people spend most of their lives in. Not only that, but it is a vessel of memories. It takes us to work, to places we've never been before, on vacation, to important meetings, to dates with your significant other, to your children's recitals and games, and many other locations that entail important milestones that define our lives. To foster these memories, it is important to keep a well-taken care of vehicle that one can be fond of.

The team members of ESRprecision do not chase the dollar sign. Whatever need our clients have, however big or small they are, ESRprecision seeks to do what is beneficial, yet necessary for their vehicle. We never want to take your money for less than what you want. In fact, we want to make sure you get the best possible care for your vehicle.

What Are The Benefits Of Ceramic Coatings

The paint on your vehicle's body, wheels and trim are constantly bombarded with harsh contaminants that can cause significant damage to your vehicle's overall appearance. Over time, these contaminants will reduce the gloss and clarity of the surfaces. Regular detailing to deep-clean these areas help to remove all of these contaminants that get onto the paint, and a wax is usually applied to prevent new contamination. However, wax is not enough because they are not applied frequently enough to offer maximum protection and at best will only last a month. ESRprecision offers new technologies that significantly increase the durability of protection for approximately 18-36 months or longer.

These new technologies come in the form of semi-permanent coatings that provide the ultimate barrier between your paint, wheels and trim and the harsh elements that your car is exposed to. Just some of the things a ceramic coating can do is:

  • Produces an extreme protective barrier against harsh contaminants for up to 5+ months on paint, glass, wheels and trim.
  • Creates an intense and deep gloss and shines like glass
  • Extreme hydrophobic properties which produces a self-cleaning property to repel dust, dirt and mud.
  • Ease of maintenance that keeps the surface cleaner longer than any traditional wax.
  • Repels water, oils, dirt, and other contaminants
  • Strong protection from UV rays
  • Helps resist stains, bird droppings, water spots, and traffic film
  • Resists high temperatures
  • Can also be layered up to 3 coats for increased protection

What Surfaces you can protect with exterior coating?

  • Paint
  • Wheels
  • Chrome
  • Glass
  • Trim
  • Plastic

What Is Detailing

Detailing is more than a typical cleaning job. It is a labor intensive process that involves machine polishing with nano-abrasives to remove surface defects. With the use of specialist equipment and products that would not be used at a typical car wash or dealership, we provide our clients with the absolute best finish and surface preservation possible. This type of detail-oriented service will leave your vehicle looking better than new. Our detailing procedures include some the following steps:

  • Begin with a pre-wash with a Q2M Foam that decreases the amount of dirt that needs to be removed during the hand-washing process. This prevent swirls and marring of the finish.
  • Hand-Washing using the three bucket method with a deionized water system, pH-neutral shampoo, and modern techniques to prevent swirls and marring of the finish.
  • Multi-Stage, Single-Stage and Light Machine polishing processes.
  • Treat with a very durable plastic restorer, if plastic is present.
  • Wheels removed, and coated inside and out with a high-temperature metal and wheel formula‚Äč.
  • Apply a Q2 leather or vinyl hydrophobic coat to ensure a high level of protection against dirt, liquids and UV rays.
  • Protective windshield coating application.
  • Gyeon glass paint coatings. These will add a deep gloss, make maintenance easier and make the vehicle's paint work hydrophobic. No natural waxes can compare to our level of protection or durability.

As you can see, it takes more than a quick wash to properly restore and protect your vehicle. It involves more time, expertise and products to bring out an average driver's vehicle to its full potential, whether they are preparing to sell it, or they desire a showroom look. At ESRprecision, we are about quality and modern processes…not quantity!

The Benefits Of Detailing Your Car

Increased value 

Properly maintaining your vehicle's interior and exterior can increase its value. Over time, your vehicle's surface will experience harmful oxidation, swirls, light scratching, fading and a build up of contaminants. By having your car professionally detailed, you will restore it to its original radiance and attain long term preservation and protection. When comparing two vehicles in which one has been professionally detailed, and the other not, the difference in resale value is a multi-thousand dollar difference. 

Protect your investmen 

Most vehicles depreciate in value rapidly, especially when neglected. When you drive the new vehicle away from the dealership, it will immediately lose value. Protect your investment by having it properly maintained by a professional service offered by ESRprecision. In order to get the most return on your investment, it is wise to have the appearance professionally maintained in order to retain as much value as possible.

Project a professional image 

The condition of a vehicle can say a lot about the driver. Vehicles that are well-maintained not only make the driver feel good, but they give an image of confidence and professionalism!

What Are Swirls? What Causes Them?

What Are Swirls?

Swirls are fine, thin spider web scratches all over the paint that reflect back with a diffused light and dull reflection. They are more noticeable on darker colored vehicles, and can easily be seen in direct sunlight or under streetlights.

What Causes Them?

Improper washing and drying techniques with low quality towels or sponges are one of the main causes of swirls. The most common cause of swirling is going through an automated car wash. A car wash is for speed and efficiency, not quality and effectiveness. On average, any given car wash can have thousands of vehicles driven through it every year. As a result, the automated brushes and sponges that have touched these vehicles become contaminated with the rocks and dirt that were on every vehicle's surface. Then the low grade towels being reused to dry the vehicles rub the contaminants in deeper. Even if the local car wash or dealership offers a hand-wash, it doesn't mean that they are using proper methods or materials, and in many cases can do more harm than good. Consequently, it would take hours of machine polishing to reverse the damage.

Can I Remove Swirls On My Vehicle

How Can You Prevent Swirls?

It is very important to us that we educate our clients on how to properly maintain the new finish we have just provided. We will spend time on education after the service is complete, and even provide a detailed set of care instructions to help you maintain a clean and swirl-free finish.

How Do I See Swirls?

Proper paint correction requires very focused lights, specific kelvins, and distances between the light and the surface. ESRprecision is equipped with multiple kelvins, lumens, and styles of lighting to expose all defects in the paint, unlike other detailing shops that are merely lit with long fluorescents. With proper lighting during the paint correction process, one can see the fine spider webs scratches that can be hidden under different lighting circumstances.

How Can I Remove Swirls?

Different types of cars have different types of paint. They can be soft, hard, thin or thick. Each type of paint has a different reaction to damage, therefore require different methods of correction. This is where ESRprecision can help you. The process of paint correction is time consuming and requires a high level of expertise and knowledge, therefore it is best to bring your car to a professional. As the saying goes, don't try this at home.

Do New Car Require Detailing

Better Than New Is Very Possible!

Just because your car is fresh off of the dealer’s lot, does not mean it is in its best possible shape. Once vehicles are assembled and come out of factories, they are usually kept in lots for long periods of time before being delivered to dealerships. Then when it is time to bring them to the dealerships, they are transported on trains, semi-trucks or shipped from overseas. During transport, the paint finish collects abrasive contaminants and small metal particles known as "rail dust". These contaminants get embedded into the paint finish and cause damage to the vehicle's appearance as well as clear coat dieback from the factory, therefore causing you to be able to see only 60% of the actual color and clarity.

How Do Dealerships Damage Your New Vehicle

First of all, even the factory itself does not even take the time to do a fine polish or apply any protection on the paint, wheels, glass or interior.Then, upon arrival, the dealerships attempt to reverse the damage by simply running the vehicles through their car wash. But since the contaminants are embedded into the finish, a wash does not properly clean the contaminants off of the vehicle. Most dealership prep washes can cause further swirling and scratching to the paint finish due to improper washing methods. Dealerships do not take the time or have the skill set to properly prepare, protect, and present your vehicle at its best level. The low budget and poorly installed warrantees and products the dealership offers you will ultimately get you back into the service department where you can be sold additional maintenance.

When it comes to caring for your vehicle, we value sustainable, long-term care. With 8 years experience, we know exactly which cars are mishandled at the factory, during transport, or at the dealership and how to address it. We know exactly where your new vehicle is exposed to damage and how to protect it. Since not every vehicle is the same, and not every owner has the same wants and needs, we offer a variety of new vehicle preparation and protection packages. If you have a new vehicle that you’d like to schedule for our new car preparation and protection packages, or have specific questions, contact us and we will gladly get you taken care of.

Why Our Service Is Superior

ESRprecision fine auto detail was created for owners of fine automobiles who share the same passion for the art and beauty of cars that we do. It is this passion and appreciation for ESRprecision autos that inspire us to create some of the most beautiful and well preserved vehicles on the east cost of Florida . We offer comprehensive yet flexible detailing and paint reconditioning packages to suit our clients’ needs, and we do it with unequalled quality and professionalism.

We are continuously researching the latest products and techniques, and networking with the absolute best detailers in the country to ensure that our detailing knowledge and skills are always improving. We work on a limited amount of automobiles so that we can focus on each vehicle and customer’s specific needs, and take the proper amount of time to get the job done right. The boutique level of services and skills that we provide simply cannot be achieved by volume-based detail shops.

ESRprecision was established for those looking for the absolute best detailing and paint reconditioning services available.