How To Properly Wash Towels

How To Properly Wash Towels


In order to get the most out of your microfiber towels, it is very important to wash them in between uses. You can usually get 2-3 uses out of a towel before it is time to wash it in order to remove product and dirt buildup in the fibers.

Fortunately, proper cleaning for microfiber towels is surprisingly simple! The only big no-nos with microfiber towels are: fabric softener, bleach and extreme heat. Too much heat will melt the fibers of the towel that do such a good job of clinging to contaminants and dirt, and fabric softener eliminates the static charge that effectively picks up the contaminants off the car’s surface. Other than that, they are machine-washable, and can be tumble-dried on a low heat setting and come out good as new.

Wash the towels in a separate load from clothes and other towels with detergent only. Almost any detergent would work, but it is best to use a detergent that is non-scented and contains eco-friendly ingredients. Detergents with concentrated amounts of perfume or chemical ingredients will leave behind residue in the fabric, negatively affecting the performance of the microfiber.

Written by Taylor Meehan